Friday, October 26, 2007

Three new postcards to send out

This one started with some already pieced scraps that I found in the bag of scraps I bought from the quilt store. I then covered it with Mistyfuse, laid on some black curly wool, novelty yarn and then a layer of black netting. I FME from the back, only to turn it over and see that the tension wasn't right. You can't see that here because it's a bad photo. So I'm not really happy with this one.

This was again made with pieced pieces (the stripes) that I found in my scraps. I zigzagged them down to the base. So it looks like a lot of work but I didn't do the hard part. But I just couldn't waste the cute stripes that were so bright and colorful.

This last one is my favorite although it has a quite simple design. I really liked the purple fabric. I then free motioned the "twigs" onto the camel colored flannel. I keep practicing on the FME at which I'm not very proficient.

This is a closeup with a silly red thread stuck in the wrong place for the photo.

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