Friday, November 2, 2007

My first padfolio and I got mail!

Here are photos of my first padfolio. The pattern is by Sue Bleiweiss and is available for free on Fibre and Stitch website. It fits a 5x8 pad of paper and I put a small calendar in the side pocket. I made the outer fabric from velvet, silk and scrim embellished on the machine. Then I added a top layer of gold organza and FME all over. I tired to be a little more careful with my FME but I'm still not all that practiced. But I can tell I'm getting a bit more control. I then torched the surface to burn off some of the gold to see the silk colors underneath. Then I made a cord by embellishing knitters tape, wool yarn and eyelash yarn together. I'm satisfied with how it turned out. It was a practice one - now to make some more for Christmas presents.

Here's a cute fish postcard from Olga - thanks so much. I love the seaweed!

This post was edited to provide better photos of the padfolio!

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Annica said...

Your padfolio looks great!