Monday, December 3, 2007


Look what I got in the mail today. It's a beautiful needle case by Annica. I commented on her blog for her Pay It Forward exchange.

Here's the other side. I needed a needle case so it's perfect. Thanks Annica! I've only had one comment on my PIF post so if you'd like a piece of my work, you can still comment here.

Here is part of what I worked on last Friday. Did lots of painting. Now I've got some bigger pieces to work with for more padfolios. I've still got more Christmas presents in mind. We'll see if I get them all done.

Here is a UFO that I tried to fix. It's been reincarnated several times and I still don't think much of it. I guess I'll have to cut it up and reconfigure it or perhaps I'll just give up. It seems a total loss to me.


Annica said...

Glad you liked the needle case Ruth! I think your new project looks great! I'm sure the portfolio will be wonderful!

Homeleightigger said...

Hi Ruth - I love your UFO - how big is it? Would make super Postcards by the look of it. I'll swap you one? Val