Friday, February 22, 2008

Back from Philly and VA

I got back home on Wednesday from going to the Buyers Market of American Craft. Bought lots of new stuff for the store, visited with my sister and her family and went out to dinner with Vicki. The photo above is two pieces of Vicki's hand painted metallic fabric that she generously gave me. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks Vicki!

I had this beautiful postcard waiting for me from Donna when I got home. This photo doesn't do it justice. Thanks Donna!

And another thing I found in the mail, these wonderful hand dyed threads from Sharon B. They are gorgeous and I can't wait to try them out. Thanks Sharon!

I have managed to do a little work while I was gone. These are felted beads that I'm going to make into barrettes. I need to do a few more colors but these were the prototypes. I'll show the finished product once it's completed.

Today I worked on TIF for February. This is a sneak preview. It's what I practiced on to see how I wanted to sew the peace symbols on. I made two gifts from this but I'll show you later once the recipients have received them. The front of my TIF is completed. Now I think I will quilt it but have to decide how that's going to work. Again, I think I'll be posting on or near the last day of the month. Hopefully...


Quilt Pixie said...

your felt symbols remind me of sushi rolls... :-)

Vicki W said...

I like what you are doing with the peace symbols! It was great to meet you and Rebekah and I'm already looking forward to seeing you again next year.

Into the Blystic said...

Hi Ruth
Your TIF is looking lovely! i want to touch it! Great intermingling of colours! namaste Elis.

katelnorth said...

I was going to say that your felted beads reminded me of sushi, but I see someone has beat me to it :)