Friday, February 29, 2008

Thank Goodness For Leap Year

Well I made it by the "skin of my teeth" once again, only because we had leap day today. Here is my completed TIF challenge piece that I have titled "Remembering Peace??" The silk background is tie dyed with acid dyes and the peace symbol sheers are printed with Jacquard fabric paint. The peace symbols were then fused and sewn in layers to the background. I then free motion quilted the surrounding tied dyed fabric. I considered adding beads, eyelash yarn and other embellishments but decided I would have to stick with simple. I ran out of time this month because I was out of town and now we have company. It doesn't look like March will be much better as one of my employees' mother is dying and she had to leave to go to Florida, plus I have to take a continuing education course for my PT license and I won't have two of my "Fiber Fridays" off. Oh well...

Here's another shot.

A closeup of the peace symbols.

A closeup of the center spiral (which is a little wonky but I'm fairly satisfied with it.)

And another closeup. Normally, I would show you a photo of the back but I am ashamed of it. I used the pillowcase method of finishing the quilt. I tried the method from the latest (I think) QA where you put fusible on the back and then iron it down. Somehow, even though I tried to follow the directions and cut the back smaller, I ended up with extra fabric which all wrinkled up and looks awful. Perhaps it was because the back is the other piece of silk that I tie dyed and since silk is so slippery but probably just my inexperience on this process. Anyways, it was fun and I'm OK with how it turned out. Tried lots of new techniques and I keep learning. Now on to March's challenge. By the way, those of you who won a prize for my blogging anniversary, I am working on your prize and hopefully, I'll have them ready soon. Don't give up hope!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! Its perfect as is; it doesn't need embellishment. I added a piece sign to my cq block but couldn't remember how close the lines were. Having seen your's, I know how mine should be corrected. Thanks for sharing it with all of us in the blogosphere.

Meg in Albuquerque said...

Great job with the tie-dyeing. The whole piece looks good enough to eat. The peace signs looked like they were made from the candied fruit slices, and isn't it ironic that when people don't remember peace, you don't get fruit and/or sweetness.

Jacqui said...

Brilliant evocation of the 60's, new what it was about immediately. I remembering doing tie dye and batik in my first year of secondary school in 1968, as it was the favour of the month then.

Michael House said...

A Peace Piece!

Lovely, takes me back to the UK Aldermaston Marches in the 60's, initially in my pushchair, later ones walking, and no doubt grumbling about the distance!


MargaretR said...

Your TIFF piece for February turned out beautifully Ruth. I loved looking at your closeups. I wonder what your March one is going to be like? I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.