Monday, February 4, 2008

A Weekend's Worth of Work?

Here's what I did this weekend. (Missed out on the Super Bowl) I finished the back of "Passion and Grace".

This is the back - I made a sleeve for hanging and a label with the explanation of what the piece means.

Here's a closeup of the label - a little fuzzy - sorry.

I dyed some wool roving and also some silk.

Here's a closeup of the silk. The wool on the right is supposed to be "ecru". I thought it would be more tan but it seems quite grey to me.

I made some paper cloth with Spectra bleeding tissue I had left over from a class last year. I added some Dye-na-flow paint as well. This is after it dried.

Here's the back side which I liked better than the front side.

Then I used it to make a cover for my workbook - covered up that awful "sketch" word.

Here's the back. I was going to add more embellishments but then decided they might just get in the way and I liked it plain.

Then I started on the February TIF challenge. What am I old enough to remember? So I came up with a list including tie dye, bell bottoms, hula hoops, peace symbols, hippies, flower power, 3 channels on the TV with NO remote, lip synching "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" in second grade while I pretended to play the guitar, Troll dolls, watching Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans on TV, penny loafers, the moon landing and as you've guessed by now, generally the sixties.

I used to draw those "brain" drawings on all my notebooks. I would spend hours doing them. So I'm going to do a piece based on the sixties. I want to try some painting techniques this time around. I also started a padfolio that I'm donating to an auction for a local group I'm involved with. Photos of the padfolio soon. So that was a weekend's worth of work. Tried to post this yesterday with no luck so here it is a day late.


Vicki W said...

I tried dyeing silk riving once - I made an incredible mess!

Quilt Pixie said...

being a child of the 60's myself your list definitely resonated for me.... some of the list was for the "older" kids, but I sure dreamed of and knew of it :-)

I too spent a lot of time writing the word LOVE in large curvey letters that smushed together.... If I were doing TIF I might start there.... :-)

Barbara Hagerty said...

Wow! What a great post! Thank you!! This opened my eyes to the things that were perhaps some of the largest aspects of my life, but that I hadn't thought of in terms of the challenge. Bravo to you for thinking of the light and happy things! In retrospect, my thought process bordered on the antique. . .and I'm not that old! And come to think of it, I designed my banner along the lines of 60's "love" and "flower power". Thanks for the fresh perspective on the past! It will be so much fun to watch your piece evolove!!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Hi Ruth. I too selected the 60's for the February TIF challenge. Have you seen my bag? It was so much fun to make - peace and flower power - I remember that well. I was just a little kid but that's what comes to mind for me - the colors and vivid happy images. I love your stuff you have here and will be back to visit. C