Friday, April 18, 2008

A Home for Postcards

Here is the journal for week three in Sue B's class that I'm taking online. I used silk paper for the cover and a Chinese symbol for my name. I got this in San Francisco years ago but had never used it. So then I had to have the chopsticks for the binding. I thought this would be the perfect size to hold some of my postcards.

Here's the inside front page.

Here's a postcard from Lynda in it's plastic sleeve. These can all be taken out to view the backs or if I wanted to change out which ones I have in the book. This is a cool postcard, isn't it?

Here's a side view. It got pretty thick so I had to stop at a dozen postcards. I used foam spacers on the binding side to keep everything even and allow the book to lie flat when closed. I am now off to work on April TIF with more to come soon.


Quilt Pixie said...

great book! Love the chopsticks on the binding :-)

Purple Missus said...

Ruth, this is superb! Gorgeous colour and so striking with the black. Maybe I'm biased becaue I'm partial to black, white and red - such a classy combination :)
You've done really well with these journals, look forward to seeing the next one.

Annica said...

Your journal is gorgeous! Love it! Tha postcard from Lynda is beautiful too.

Heather P said...

Ruth, it's wonderful! I love the idea of putting postcards in it -- I may have to make another album for some of my fabric postcards!

katelnorth said...

That's a nice idea - I have thought in the past about putting pcs in an album, but worried it would get too thick - but a special album for a small selection is a nice idea.

Michele said...

Great idea to use this for postcards. It's beautiful! Is the red part the silk paper? It's a little hard to tell from the photo, but really, really lovely.