Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cyber Fiber Postcards

I made four postcards. One is going to the Cyber Fiber exhibition by Susan Lenz. Can you pick which one I'm sending? These are made with the same technique as the iris. I did add some hand stitching this time though.

Here's close ups of each of them.

The thread I used for the hand stitching was one that I received from Sharon B. that she hand dyed.

They matched so nicely with the colors I had used.

And here's the last one. If you'd like to trade for one of the postcards that isn't going to Cyber Fiber just let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth, These are stunning! Everything about them is appealing...composition, color, motion, movement, texture...just everything. Very beautiful indeed. smiles, alicia in Hawaii
p.s. found you on Stitchin Fingers

Scrappy Cat said...

Your postcards are really beautiful and I would love to trade with you. You can see the kind of work I do on my blog, which I haven't updated in awhile. I would make a new pc for this trade. I see that the 3rd card is the one you sent to Cyber Fyber - my favorite is the 2nd card if it's available for trade.

Oh, I just joined Sue B's alumni group, so that is how I found your blog. Email me at csgebhart at gmail dot com if you want to trade with me.