Saturday, May 10, 2008

Graduation Gift and Experiments with Oil Pastels

Here's the bag I'm working on for my niece's graduation present. It's not sewn together yet - just waiting for the strap to dry after felting it this afternoon.

Here's the purple piece that I'm going to make a bag for me. It has silk on the top that you can barely see in this photo.

Here are some experiments with oil pastels. I started by doing a color chart. Then I used masking tape and used different colors in the yellow to red color range. I washed it with watered down red dye.

Here is a small sketch of a pomegranate in oil pastels and then a wash of brown acrylic paint.

This last one is done with a stencil and then a wash of yellow watercolor. It was fun experimenting.


Annica said...

I love the orange bag! Your niece is a lucky girl!

Carol said...

I may be teaching you to suck eggs here but I thought I would mention as I only learnt this the other day. You can create softer effects with oil pastels but having white spirit on a cloth and wiping over the surface, sparingly. It softens everything down and you can get sort of wash like things going on. Hope this is helpful to you. Lovely drawings by the way.

Purple Missus said...

Your neice is very lucky, thats a beautiful colour for her bag. Mind you, the purple one is going to be pretty good too :)
I wish I were disciplined enough to keep notes on experiments with different mediums. Quite often I will have forgotten exactly how I achieved a particular effect.