Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tree Stump Mosaic

I'm working out a new project in my studio journal. These are some photos I took this evening in preparation. More later.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mosaic of Photo Circles

Here's a set of photos that I took for the studio journal course - we were supposed to take a set of photos of all one shape. I used this link for making the photo mosaic. I just noticed that I used one photo twice - that means I missed one - oops!

Studio Journal Course Continued

I have been really busy again this week and all I've been working on in the studio journal course I've been taking online at Joggles by Sharon B. Here I've taken a photo of a stump end, sketched it and then cut it up to form another design.

Here it is in color - but I didn't really end up liking this one.

So I turned over the pieces from the photo above to get the design on the left. The one on the right is a different color scheme. I am definitely going to try one of these in fiber once all my company goes home and the summer time rush calms down.

Here's another one done from a photo of a leaf. I "posterized" it on the computer before printing it out. Then I sketched an outline which I copied and cut up. The bottom right design is done with a water colored version of the outline which I copied and then wove together with one of the photos upside down. It looks very floral to me as I'm looking at it now. It looks different if you enlarge the photo.

This week we are working with fonts and wingdings. So I printed some off and then put them on the copier and moved them around in different patterns.

The I tried to work with them on the computer. I don't have any fancy programs so I used MSWord. I used Autoshapes but still had problems getting what I wanted. So I finally printed some out, copied and cut them out and rearranged. I have to work on my computer skills I guess.

Here's the last set. I hope everyone is having a good summer and I appreciate all the recent comments.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

July TIF & Studio Journal Course Work

Here is my studio journal with part of my thoughts leading up to my July TIF challenge piece. We were working on frottage in the studio journal course and I was trying to decide how to use frottage for a complete design. I thought about doing a monochromatic, minimalistic landscape. Then I was thinking about TIF "Half Way Mark" and the two clicked. What if I made a landscape with a path that went "half way". And since the distances in a landscape look different in the distance, how do you tell when you are really half way? Is your goal the horizon and if so, doesn't the horizon keep moving away from you as you go forward? Therefore, the goal is illusion and so is the half way mark. To me, that means that it is the journey that is important and to keep yourself open to the opportunities that your journey affords you.

Here is the finished piece. This isn't a very good photo though. It's a felted landscape and I hand stitched the path to the "half way mark". I've titled it "Half Way?"

We went to the National Bison Range today. It's about two hours from our house. We saw bison, antelope and lots of different birds. I took lots of photos as we are supposed to be finding design ideas in the world around us for this weeks studio journal exercises. More on that later.

Here's an owl I saw up behind our house yesterday while taking more photos.

Here are some expanded squares that I did as part of the studio journals course. I used a bird that I had used in my MIL's book. I liked these so I made a stamp from the heads one. See below.

Here are some more expanded squares. I thought these were fun once I got the hang of how to do them. My niece and my sister also did a few.

Another set.

Here's the stamp I made from foam. I will most likely make more of these to use in future fiber projects.

Here I used my stamp on the right page with two different colors and overlapping. The right hand side is a commercial floral stamp that I was playing around with.

More patterning with the bird head stamp. I had a little problem with this as the pages in my journal are really quite small to put many of the stamps together.

Last page of stamps.

Here is more work from the kaleidoscopes. I traced parts or drew different pieces that could be used in design.

Another page of kaleidoscope parts. I am really finding this studio journal course useful and I am certainly getting into the habit of using my journal and exploring ideas more thoroughly. I have used more pages in my journal in the last three weeks than I have since January. I think this will really help in my designing process and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to use a studio journal.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Lots of Fiber Work Going On

We have been playing with fiber all weekend here at my house. My sister is visiting with her family and we went to the Salvation Army and bought lots of wool sweaters and wool skirts, threw them in the washer and fulled them down to make flower pins. I now have five full gallon bags of these shapes that I can sew together and then sell these at the store. This is the one I made as a demo.

Here is the one made by my niece Lizzie.

And here is Rebekah's (my sister). I will have lots of sewing to do while watching television now. These are simple to put together but make a nice pin for a coat, sweater or hat. Mainly for winter but I'll have a good supply by then. We had piles of lint everywhere!

Here are some more exercises from Sharon's studio journal course. We are cutting out various shapes and then using those to make patterns or find other design elements.

More patterns from my shrunken snowflake.

Diagonal instead of square.

The other thing we did on Friday was to dye wool, some of the lighter sweaters and some scarves.

Here are the scarf results. They are a bit light and I think I will do some further layering. I am planning on trying the flour paste resist method on these.

Have you ever tried this website out?

You use photos that you already have posted on the web and then use the kaleidoscope tool. Sharon told our class about this. It is way too addictive. You can change the number of mirrors and move your photo around so there a millions of possibilities.

These are all done with recent photos from here on my blog.

Can you guess which ones are from which photo?

This last is a piece I put together when we were making patterns for our flower pin shapes. I cut out some spirals which weren't going to work with fulled fabrics so I added them to a watercolor painting I had done several weeks ago. Off to have more fun!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Studio Journal Course - Week Two

Thanks to all who have commented on my book - I appreciate the fact that you stop by and that you leave a comment. Here is a sketch I did very quickly yesterday of Flathead Lake when it was about to storm. We went down to a friend's cabin for the 4th of July and had a small storm pass through in the afternoon. We got a new lesson for Sharon B's Studio Journal course and I read through that. But I didn't take time to use any color yesterday - just noted the colors in my journal.

Today, I spent quite a bit of time going through magazines and cutting out small pieces of color from throughout the spectrum. I tried to cut enough for a the week's lesson so I wouldn't have to do it every time. It was interesting to see how many colors are available in catalogs. I don't have a lot of magazines besides QA which I won't cut up so I mainly used catalogs. The exercise is to pick colors for the day for 5 days in a row and work those colors out on your journal page. The page on the left shows the cut out magazine colors of yesterday - grey blues to dark blues and greens from pine trees. On the right page, I wrapped like colors of threads and yarns around a small piece of heavy paper as well as cutting out appropriate color fabrics as if I was going to take this idea forward into stitch. I also added a piece of "spruce" wool in case I was going to felt anything in the project. I found that I had no blue wool. It seems that has not been a color I have used much in felting.

Here are the colors for today. These poppies are blooming profusely just behind my deck in the back. I included a photo of them and then used my cut out magazine bits to find the matching colors. I didn't yet take this one forward into fiber. I'm pretty sure I do not have any of the bright orange/yellow-orange in fiber but I'll check to see.

I have been thinking about the July TIF Challenge. I think I am going to use the concept of "Half Way Mark" in terms of a journey in a landscape. The idea is not completely formed yet but will see where it takes me.