Sunday, July 27, 2008

Studio Journal Course Continued

I have been really busy again this week and all I've been working on in the studio journal course I've been taking online at Joggles by Sharon B. Here I've taken a photo of a stump end, sketched it and then cut it up to form another design.

Here it is in color - but I didn't really end up liking this one.

So I turned over the pieces from the photo above to get the design on the left. The one on the right is a different color scheme. I am definitely going to try one of these in fiber once all my company goes home and the summer time rush calms down.

Here's another one done from a photo of a leaf. I "posterized" it on the computer before printing it out. Then I sketched an outline which I copied and cut up. The bottom right design is done with a water colored version of the outline which I copied and then wove together with one of the photos upside down. It looks very floral to me as I'm looking at it now. It looks different if you enlarge the photo.

This week we are working with fonts and wingdings. So I printed some off and then put them on the copier and moved them around in different patterns.

The I tried to work with them on the computer. I don't have any fancy programs so I used MSWord. I used Autoshapes but still had problems getting what I wanted. So I finally printed some out, copied and cut them out and rearranged. I have to work on my computer skills I guess.

Here's the last set. I hope everyone is having a good summer and I appreciate all the recent comments.

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hippopip said...

Lovely work Ruth, thanks for sharing