Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Break

I will be out of town for the first part of October. We're heading out to the coast of Washington for a vacation. This is a postcard I just finished for a Stitchin' Fingers postcard group swap. It's made with commercial batik fabrics, oil paint stick and organza. It was a little hard to get a photo as the light is bad and the organza is a bit shiny.

Here's a closeup of the leaf. The theme for the swap is autumn as if you couldn't tell. Usually I don't like to do themed swaps but since this is one of my favorite seasons, I managed.

One part of the trip that I'm very excited about it going to the Quilt Museum in La Conner Washington. Their current show is SiX Stories which includes the following: Bobby Britnell, Laura Kemshall, Linda Kemshall, Edwina MacKinnon, Catherine Nicholls and Marie Roper. I can't wait to see these quilts in person. More when I return...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ah... Pear

Here's further exploration into pears. Thanks for the positive comments on the last set. This is done with oil pastels, watercolors and gel pen. The black background was inspired from the book The Painted Quilt by the Kemshalls. What do you think?

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I haven't had much time this week to work on anything but I did cut out some stencils. I tried using the Nautilus shell one but already tore it - sigh. So now I am attempting to use some gel medium to see if that will stiffen them up a bit. I only used card stock for the stencils and I guess I should have used something a bit stiffer. I'm hoping to use these to stencil some more scarves. More on this later.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Oil Paintsticks

Yesterday I got several sets of oil paint sticks. I decided that the scarves we had dyed back in July still needed a bit more color. Here is the first one. I stenciled both ends the same. I think I may over dye these again after the paint sticks dry and I heat set them.

Here's a photo showing both ends. Sorry about the quality of the photos. I need to get a better set up for taking photos. I'm planning on doing at least 2-3 more scarves this way. It was fun!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lists, Stumps and More

Here is my piece for the September TIF Challenge. The concept for this month is lists. I do use lists but it wasn't an idea that really excited me much for making a piece. But I looked up the definition of lists and one of those definitions is selvage or selvedge. While I was researching this a bit, I found a website that was all about how to make quilts from selvages. So I followed the
basic directions from there to make this piece. It was originally going to be a scroll but I don't really like it rolled up so it is going to be a small quiltie. These were all selvages from my scrap bin and I made the quilt double sided. The quilting of the piece was to further emphasize lines on a list.

Here's the back view.

This is a close up of my piece about stumps that I am continuing to work on. It's got a bit more to go and then I have ideas for several companion pieces. I need to have them done before January so I hope I'll have time to get them done. I've got more company coming and I have to work next Friday - bah humbug.

This was an experiment in my journal. It is a method for copying transfers to paper using of all things citrus based paint remover. But it worked great. I copied the music on to the page first and then added the color afterward with leftover dye. I was thinking of adding a pear in the foreground but haven't gotten to that yet.

Speaking of pears, here is a sketch that I made of some pears the other night.