Monday, December 8, 2008

Package from Finland, Fabric Bowls and Wool Flower Pins

I got a package all the way from Finland today. This is for the Felting Forum Ornament Exchange. I got a needle felted snowman, some lovely red wool and a cute little card from Amanda.

Isn't the snowman cute? Thanks Amanda!

I've been working on these fabric bowls for some Christmas gifts.

Here's a Christmas one.

And here's the whole set so far. I've got several more to go. Have to be done by Saturday.

I also started working on wool flower pins. Rebekah and I cut out all the shapes this summer. But I never got around to constructing any.

Here's the whole set so far. I have lots more flower shapes cut out. I'm going to make some other items as well, just haven't had time to work on any. Hope everyone is having a non-stressful lead up to the holidays. There just doesn't seem to be enough time...


Guzzisue said...

many thanks for your healing thoughts :-) its such a shame to have to drop out of TIF at sucha late date and I look forward to seeing your December piece.

Vicki W said...

I hace a couple of gifts that I need to make and thise fabric bowls would be perfect (and fast)!

Kim said...

You always have such cool projects on your blog, I love to read it. I have nominated you for a blog award... see all about it at!

Ruth said...

Wonderful Work!
From Ruth to Ruth