Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sinful Sunday

Why Sinful? Well... This is kind of like Wordless Wednesday or Thoughts for Thursday. I got to stay home alone as I sent hubby off skiing again (I went yesterday) and I spent the whole day playing with fiber so it felt kind of sinful to be able to have 2 days this week to work on my projects. This lovely postcard came from Ilse yesterday. It fits in with the blue theme and looks like the snow we have outside. Thanks Ilse!

And this is my green postcard from Wendy, a bit late but nevertheless finally made it. Thanks Wendy!

I've started playing with printing and silk screening with thickened acid dyes on wool. These are pomegranates printed on to a wool blanket. I like how these turned out. Now to decide if I want to over dye, put more layers or use as is.

Here's a close up. I also used these same pomegranates to start a deconstructed silk screen. I think my dye was a bit runny because it doesn't seem to have worked like the book explained. The screen is drying now so I'll have more experiments next week.

This is one of the silk fabric bowls I am making. The other is a surprise for later. This one I am going to donate to a local organization I am a part of for a silent auction. I am still deciding if it is finished or if I want to enhance the stitched lines more.

I didn't do a tight satin stitch on the seams. And they therefore don't stand out as much as on previous bowls that I made. But I kind of like the feel - it seems more organic this way.

And as it is supposed to suggest a flower. It is sitting on a circle of cardboard. Otherwise it tips over too easily. I am planning on embellishing the cardboard to match. I left all the endings of threads to hang loose from the edge. You can just see them here. Where oh where is my light box? I've got to make one soon.


Vicki W said...

That bowl is very cool! Is ther stiffener of some kind on it or is it all shaped by stitching?

Donna said...

Love the bowl! I've never seen anything like it. Simply beautiful...

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I LOVE the bowl. I just found your blog.
I also find your list of blogs to have some wonderful sites - many I was not familiar with.