Friday, April 3, 2009

More Machine Embroidery

Here's a small piece (5"x7") that I did today. The base is muslin with oil paint stick rubbings. I then used an automatic stitch and varied the stitch width and length througout.

Here's a close up. I like this stitch because it doesn't look like most automatic stitches.

Here's one I did with satin stitch. It's a bit smaller - about 4"x6".

And a close up.
I spent a lot of time working on my next piece I'm planning on entering into a show. It is based on bark (again, I know) and is requiring lots of machine stitching. Hopefully, I'll have a photo of part of it next post.


Vicki W said...

That looks like it was a lot of fun! I love the satin stitching.

Val said...

The satin stitch shows off the threads beautifully Ruth - not easy either, is it. Looks wonderful - just right for a postcard?

Aleta said...

I love the colors in these pieces, and the way they flow! Great job!