Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm working on patterns in my studio journal. I chose to look at patterns in nature. There are so many choices of great patterns where ever you look. I found some photos of different objects with pattern and then sketched some variations.

I liked these two best.

The one on the right is a sea fan which you can't see well. The photo was originally bright red but I printed all the photos in black and white so I could concentrate on the patterns and not the colors.

The one on the right is worm eaten wood.

I always like looking down from the ski lift at the patterns the wind makes in the snow. That's a photo of snow on the left. I then made some stamps and used the stamps to make patterns.

Here's all the stamps I made. I used that fun foam stuff that has a sticky back. It's easy to cut out or you can just draw into it.

These are based on the butterfly.

This is based on wind blown sand.

And more organic lines.

This was based on a prior sketch in my journal.

The stamp on the right was supposed to be based on the bottom of the starfish. But it looks more like cobblestones to me.

The one on the left is based on the sea star but looks more like trees.

Here's leaves and just a simple geometric pattern.

The single leaf stamp on the left and some doodles on the right.

These are some notes on making art that I found online that I thought were relevant.

I think if you click on them, you can read them.

This last stamp was based on a sketch of a stylized flower.


Vicki W said...

These are so cool!

Tricks said...

Hi Ruth,
Wow, what wonderful examples of pattern, thank you for sharing these with us, lets hope that these can inspire others on this months challenge. Cheers Tricia

narkeymarkey said...

i love your sketchbook - your patterns and stamps are really inspirational :) the notes on making art are superb advice!

Emma said...

Ruth these are great, you have obviously spent a lot of time observing and translating nature into pattern. Some excellent designs. Thanks for sharing and the explanation comments were very helpful.

yvette said...

difficult to choose...

MargaretR said...

That's a great sketchbook! And those notes could have been written just for me couldn't they? You posted on the 12th and I did on the 13th, but I hadn't read your post then. They do say these things are around in the air and we think about them at the same time!

Annica said...

Wow Ruth! You have some really great patterns here! Thanks for sharing!

Plain Jane said...

wonderful ruth! an excellent way to interpret found patterns! I'll gather my photos and begin in my sketchbook asap.

Aleta said...

What wonderful drawings from nature! And the stamp making is intriguing! I love the comments on art. Thanks so much for sharing!

Val said...

Wonderful sketchbook Ruth - what a fantastic amount you've done and all so inspirational - gorgeous stamps too.