Sunday, May 3, 2009

Photo Box

I finally made myself a photo light box. This is a very poor photo of it! I used a cardboard box, a sheet, two table lamps and some freezer paper for the back drop. All stuff I already had on hand and it really works pretty well. I would like to get some of the photo backdrop that professionals use but I haven't ordered that yet.

Here's a photo taken in the box. It's better than the photos that I took originally. This is Slime who I needle felted some time ago. He's looking a little pensive today. I am still working on my application for the Landscapes Pfaff challenge - that's one reason I wanted the light box so I could try for a better photo. I also made lots of felted cat toys and I have to put the finshing touches on those. So I am getting some work done in the fiber direction but not as much as usual as I have to work at the store on Fridays throughout May. Hopefully, I'll be back to Fridays off in June.


yvette said...

I like slime!

a3devries said...

What a great box.. I will have to make one myself!
And I do love slimy, and aaaaalll your other stuff!
I recently discovered felting,but when I see your work I am inspired
to jump in!