Sunday, May 24, 2009

Practical Felting and Color

Here is my entry for the challenge this month on the Felting Forum. It is supposed to be practical. I haven't had time to do much - this was made a couple of months ago. I use it for a coaster. It was my first experiment with thread sketching on felt.
Here's a slightly closer photo. The design is from a bookmark that I got in Hawaii.
I have also recently read Exploring Color by Nita Leland. I found this book to be very useful. Sometimes I don't end up liking the books by painters because they seem to have too much information but this book was great and had lovely examples. She suggests that you take whatever paints you have and use them to mix a color wheel. And then to try all the combinations of mixing each color with all the others. I didn't do this with all my paints but it was fun. This first one is with water color pencils and there is a full page more of mixtures of all the colors.

This is with the Jacquard Textile Colors fabric paints.

This is with Dye-na-Flow Jacquard paints.

And finally I tried mixing Lumiere paints with the "primaries" of pink-gold, violet-gold and metallic gold. It didn't give me a wide range of colors as there really wasn't enough blue in the violet or red in the pink but it was an interesting experiment. Next week I get back to my regular schedule of having Fridays off so I hope to get more time to play with my fibers. I've got several projects that I want to get going so more later.
This last photo is using up the leftover Lumiere paints. I painted on a white background but thought it would look better black so I used a black magic marker on the back to color the white paper black.


Val said...

What a wonderful way to discover what mixing paints will do - personally I can never remember!! I've just spent a brilliant 20minutes reading your recent posts Ruth - most enjoyable. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment for me.


Wow - your sketchbook pages are amazing and very inspiring. Have added you to my blog buddies list and I'm having a giveaway over on my blog if you are interested ...

Best wishes and nice to have found you! Carolyn