Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another Stained Glass Bag and a Field of Poppies

Here are my California Poppies this year. I took the photo from a low angle. It makes it look like there is a whole field of them. The way they spread, that may be true any time now. They grow like weeds but for me that's great and the deer don't like to eat them.
This is the close up of the second bag I made. This one is for my MIL. It again uses Vicki's hand dyed fabric. Her fabric works so well for the stained glass effect.

Here's a photo of the entire bag. It as another of those canvas give away bags that companies advertise on. I just covered up the advertisement. I had to cut the square down a bit because of the way the handles are constructed. Next time, I think I'll just make my own bag as it was kind of a pain to sew the design panel on after the fact.

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it really looks like glass.


Beautiful poppies and your bag is gorgeous!