Friday, April 24, 2009

Revision of Crazy Horse

I have revised this piece today. It is called Vision Quest. If you look at this post, you can see what I had originally done. I really didn't like the shield portion as it seemed too overpowering and took away from the overall feel of the piece.

So I thread sketched a horse instead of the shield and I really like the change. I wanted a "dream" portion of the piece but could never figure out a good way to depict it. I think this is more what I was going for.

Of course, if you read this blog, you'll recognize the horse. It's the same one I did last week. I did go ahead and use the Stitch and Tear on the reverse side as many people had suggested. I wanted to use a soluble fabric but I didn't have any and I wanted to get this completed. It worked fine from the back side, only one small bobbin goof up which luckily you can't really see. I did more sketches yesterday for making more thread sketched animals. So you'll be seeing more of these once I get more felt made.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring? And Needle Felted Birch Grove

Well the daffodils are finally blooming.

There are a bunch this year.

This was the first one that bloomed on Saturday. Now they are all covered in snow as it snowed today - spring in Montana. It's supposed to be 25 degrees tonight so they're all going to freeze. Sigh.

This is the piece that I did for this month's Felting Forum challenge which is "nature". I needle felted it mostly by hand although the bottom layer was done on the machine. I used all natural wool colors. It needs a frame but I haven't gotten one yet. Thanks to Jessica because most of these fibers came from her when we did a fiber exchange.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Thread Sketch on Felt

Here's my first attempt at thread sketching. I've wanted to try this for a while as I want to re-do my Crazy Horse piece and put a thread sketched horse instead of the shield. So this is my practice piece.

I used Stitch and Tear to draw out the design and then used a free running stitch to sketch the horse and hills behind.

If you enlarge this photo, you can see that I still need to do some more work to remove the Stitch and Tear around the edges. That was the most painful part of the piece. It was really pretty easy and turned out better than expected. So, I'll be re-doing the Crazy Horse piece soon. I'll show you how it turns out as soon as it is completed. I also finished my bark piece for the Landscape show that will be at Knitting and Stitching show. Now I have to complete all the entry applications and get a good photo. Then wait to see if I get in.

Friday, April 3, 2009

More Machine Embroidery

Here's a small piece (5"x7") that I did today. The base is muslin with oil paint stick rubbings. I then used an automatic stitch and varied the stitch width and length througout.

Here's a close up. I like this stitch because it doesn't look like most automatic stitches.

Here's one I did with satin stitch. It's a bit smaller - about 4"x6".

And a close up.
I spent a lot of time working on my next piece I'm planning on entering into a show. It is based on bark (again, I know) and is requiring lots of machine stitching. Hopefully, I'll have a photo of part of it next post.