Friday, January 1, 2010

A Start

I started experimenting with 3D wet felting today. This was my resist. I had drawn a sketch of a pod looking object that sort of resembled a leaf. So this was the resist I made.

And here is the very odd looking piece that resulted.

I used red because I had a bunch of red dyed trying to get the right shade of maroon for Grizzly stuff. Although this is a very strange looking, I'm pleased with the effort. I learned a lot about shaping. I realized that I didn't need all those bumpy out bits on the resist and I need to remember to add more length if I am doing the folds. It only took me a few hours to make and I'm excited to try some more. Next time, I'm doing a simpler resist shape.

Here's a thank you card that I made today for my hubby to send to a business associate. He sent us three bottles of wine from his wineries. I'm not sure how we got on his gift list. This is the first time we've received anything from him. But we needed a card so I whipped one up from dyed papers that I had made previously and a small square of fabric that was a sample for bags that I order for the store sometimes.

I also worked on my page for the January book page swap. The theme for Johoanna's page is "The Goddess Within". I can't show any photos yet as it is to be a surprise. I made it on the needle felting machine and now I'm going to add some hand stitching. Then it will be sent off to Australia.



I absolutely ADORE the RED and the SHAPE. I can see it "glittered" with little hand stitches, french knots and beads! Oh wow! Yes, make more!

Happy New Year
Love and blessings
Carolyn x

yvette said...

happy new year!

ann said...

It looks really interesting and a great start to your new years resolution

Purple Missus said...

This wet felting certainly looks like something worth exploring, very interesting.
A very happy New Year to you Ruth and good luck with all your goals for 2010.

jackie said...

I'm sure time spend just experimenting is well worth the effort. Good luck with your goals for 2010,very brave to' confess 'them.