Friday, June 11, 2010

Abstract Felt and Mini Nuno Felt

I completed this piece several weeks ago but don't think I blogged about it. It's wet felted and hand stitched. Not my usual colors and I'm not sure I like it all that much. It seems a bit busy to me.

Here's a close up. I used mainly stem stitch, couching and French knots.

I've been wanting to nuno felt a sleeveless top for myself for sometime now but I never managed to get it done. So today, I tried out a sample with the Falkland wool that I ordered. I needed to get a shrinkage percentage and this piece shrunk about 20%. I used a small piece of organza as the base as I didn't want to use up my silk.

And here it is on the model!! So I've made a piece of seamless nuno felted clothing. Not very big but it worked. Now I have to find something big enough for a resist so that it will fit me. I will also alter the pattern just a bit. This one I essentially used a square with holes for the arms and neck. But I'm excited to try, next up, full size seamless nuno felted garment.

I did finish my Traveling Page for June based on the seashore but can't show photos yet. Next theme due in July is castles. As there are few castles in Montana, I'm having a bit of a problem coming up with inspiration for this one. I'm thinking about basing it on gargoyles but wasn't sure if gargoyles were used more on cathedrals as opposed to castles. Anyone know?


WoolenSails said...

I am interesting in seeing what you come up with for a full sized garment.


FeltFinland said...

I like the abstract felt. Again not colours I would normally use but it is a challenge to try something different.


Ruth I absolutely LOVE your abstract felt and stitch. I like the warm colours you've used ... it's like looking down on an aerial view of Autumn fields

Carolyn x