Sunday, August 29, 2010

Greeting Cards, Barrettes and Studio Journal

In the most recent issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors there was a workshop article entitled "Faux Silkscreen" by Patricia Gaignat. It uses sticky back craft foam sheets to make stamps. I have used craft foam sheets to make stamps for a long while but I never thought of using them this way. I needed a card for hubby's birthday so I thought I'd give it a try.

First I made a sketch of the card. Her hint to draw the focal point first and then add background elements worked well. You do have to remember to reverse your text if you are adding those as details. But if you are cutting out letters as part of the stamps, you don't have to reverse them with her technique.

You transfer your design to the back of the sticky back foam (the paper side). Cut out the elements and then stick them to acetate or transparency sheets. I really liked how these stamps worked as you can see exactly where to align them when stamping, they are thin and flexible and work really well.

So I am trying out a landscape design with the same technique. I think I will stamp these on fabric and then add thread sketching and then sew it to a card.

Here I've transferred the design to the back of the craft foam. I haven't cut this one out yet. I'll show the results once I've completed a few cards. And hubby did like his birthday card.

Here's the first barrette that I made from the drizzled felt of my last post.

I used a commercial fabric for the backing and hand stitched the barrette clasp on.

I like how this one came out so 11 more to go. I'll be selling these at the store. Hopefully, they'll be popular.

I have been doing a little work in my studio journal. These are shapes based on piece of bark from a ponderosa pine. I picked a bunch of these up off the ground on our small trip in June. They remind me of puzzle pieces.

Here I took one of my favorite shapes and made a pattern. I also have made some foam stamps of several shapes but forgot to take photos of those. I am planning on making several more and then will do some trial printing in my journal.

I can't believe it is the end of August already. Football season starts next weekend. So we'll be off to cheer on the UM Grizzlies. We have a new coach so hopefully, we'll still have a good team and a winning season. Go Griz!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Here's what I've been working on lately. It's a piece of recycled wool skirt which I machine needle felted with various colors of wool. Then I drizzle stitched it in a the same colors of thread. I have a bit more drizzling to do and then I'll make it into barrettes and brooches. I'll show you the completed ones when I'm finished.

The other piece I completed is this 'Coastline' page for Chris. I mailed it off to her yesterday so I'll show you the full page when she gets it.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

New scarves and the Seashore Page for Juliette

Here is what I did most of the day on Friday. Dyed 24 rayon/silk cut velvet scarves. There are 6 of each design and since I used acid dyes, they were lighter than if the scarves were pure silk. But they came out better than I expected and they'll all be in the shop on Monday to start selling.
Here's more - mainly the leaf pattern. The ones above are diamond pattern.
These are the abstract pattern.

And this last set is floral. I wish I knew how to put all the photos together to make a panoramic shot for you. That brings up the subject of my using Photoshop. I tried for nearly two hours Friday morning to layer two photos together. I just can't seem to make it work. I read all the help instructions and tried to do what it said but no go. So if anyone knows how to do that and can explain it easily, I would love to be able to layer two photos together.

Juliette received this page so I can show you my second seashore page. I've always loved sandpipers when I go to the beach so that's what this is based on. The sand is from a rusted piece of fabric, the water is hand dyed and I drew the bird with watercolor pencils and then painted with fabric medium. A bit of machine stitching and quilting to finish. The edge is done with a raffia machined cord.

Here's closer view of the sandpiper.

And here's the back. I am way behind my usual schedule for my August page. I usually have the page done already and I haven't even started. The photos I was trying to layer on Friday with Photoshop were to be the basis for the page but I never got it completed. Sigh... I'll have to do some other technique and get started soon. I don't want to get behind. Chris, your coastline page will be started soon, I promise!