Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tree Page from Juliette

Here's the page that Juliette sent me - isn't it lovely? Her stitching is exquisite and I love the simplicity of it.

Here's the back. Thanks so much Juliette! It will make a wonderful addition to my book.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Studio Journal

I've been playing around with some of my previously painted pages. I made more stencils and used these on the pages. The one on the left is stenciled with acrylic paint on to paper and then washed with walnut ink. On the right I just stenciled directly on to the page with acrylic paint.

This one has three different leaf stencils used. I just used gesso through the stencil.

These pages just have previously dyed or stamped paper towels glued down.

And this one is dyed paper towels and walnut ink. I will probably add more to this page in the future. I did go to the local quilt show on Friday. I took some photos but they didn't turn out too well. I didn't think you'd want to see poor photos of quilts from people you probably don't know. Have a good week!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Photoshop Layers

I have been messing around with Photoshop Elements for a while now trying to figure out how to do layers. It never seemed to work for me and I got a bit discouraged. But I finally found a tutorial to help me out. Linda Matthews has a wonderful set of tutorials for Photoshop Elements. So this is the first one I did.

Here's another. I used photos I have taken of my work and a variety of textures such as lichen.

I really like this last one. It is lichen and a photo of the bottoms of my metal jewelry cases at the store. So now that I've finally gotten a couple of layers together, I'm sure there is much more that I need to learn. I'm thinking I will try to use photos of windows in layers for my next traveling page. We'll see. Have a good weekend.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Re-Discharged and a Sneak Peak

Here's the black shirt last week.

And here it is this week. I put more Soft Scrub on as the first time it didn't take well. I did learn that if you spray with water after putting on the Soft Scrub it soaks in better.

And here's the blue one last week.

And after spraying with bleach and leaving for over 1/2 hour. This shirt is very slow with discharging. But I like them both better now.

I have finished my September page for Cobi. Her theme is Art Nouveau. Here's a little peak. I'll mail it off tomorrow and post the full page after she receives it.

Carole, from my surface design group, gave me some plastic a couple of days ago. Two big sheets of it. So I thought it would work great for stencils. I have several stencils I made out of paper that are wearing out quickly. So I am going to re-do them in this new plastic. And it works great. Here's the first one. More to come.

In my studio journal this week, I worked with some of the bleached papers that I made. This one is based on my continuing obsession with tree bark. It has a base of bleached paper, with torn bits of bleached paper towel and then drawn lines with pen and Sharpie marker.

This is the back side of the bleached backing paper in the bark piece. It reminded me of a horizon with clouds. So I accented with very light Lumiere paints to give the look of water and added a moon.

With my new local group, we are going to be working on design elements and principles each month. I am going to be taking charge of this activity and I've been doing lots of research. Since I am going to be doing all the work already, I thought it might be fun to put the information and exercises here as well. Then if you wanted to join in, you could let me know in the comments and we could work on design, show the results on your blog and then I can post links for other people to see what you've done. Anyone interested? It will start next month and a new design topic with a short explanation will be posted each month. I will also give a list of exercises/practice ideas for each topic to follow along with each month. You could do the work in your studio journal or make practice pieces or just use that topic in whatever you happen to be working on at the time. What do you think? Join in the fun and improve your design capabilities at the same time!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day of Discharging

I've started a new group locally in which we're going to meet every first Friday of the month and work on different surface design techniques. There will be 3-5 of us. This first time, we had three and we had a blast. We worked on discharging with various bleach products. I have done this before but not much. The piece above is a hand dyed fabric that I then stenciled some Soft Scrub through a square stencil. I did four squares but didn't get enough bleach in two of them.

This is a piece of rusted cotton fabric that I had dyed with black acid dye (old) and it turned a grayish blue. So I shibori wrapped it and stuck it in a bleach solution.

Here's another view. We decided it looked like the Gulf oil spill. Not sure what I'll do with this piece but it turned out better than expected.

Next, I started playing with some old t-shirts. I used several of my bark stamps and then sponged on more Soft Scrub. The sponged parts didn't all get enough bleach so I may add some more to this later.

Hubby gave me this blue t-shirt from the Salt Lake City Olympics and the first time I wore it, I washed the bathtub and bleached out the middle section under the embroidered logo. So it has been sitting in the closet for years. So I tied it up and threw it in threw it in the bleach solution. We didn't have enough bleach for it to penetrate well. But it always surprises me that blue discharges to red.

This sleeve is my favorite part.

Here's the back - I actually like the back better than the front. I may do some more discharge on this as well and I will probably cover up the logo on the front.

This was an experiment. I had some polyester batting that I had painted with inks. I then took a brayer with Soft Scrub and brayered across it. I like the patterning I got. I did rinse this and put it in bleach stop agent and it lost a lot of it's color from the inks. But still interesting experiment.

Then I started bleaching some papers that I had previously painted with acid dyes. I hate to throw away my dyes and they don't keep very well so I paint on paper with them. I rolled the Soft Scrub on with the brayer again. Isn't it cool?

This is the back of the paper above. Look at that rusty orange - amazing color differences from front to back.

This is a paper towel with acid dyes and then sponged on bleach.

And the back. I am planning on doing some further experimenting with these papers. I may do some stitching with them and play around with different ideas in my studio journal.

I am really excited about the new group. The two people who are in it so far are both wonderful fiber artists. I took a piece that I have been working on for ages and got a wonderful idea on how to finish it. I haven't ever shown this piece on the blog because I thought I might enter it into a show. Now that I have an idea for finishing it, it's much more likely to happen instead of just languishing around the house. Next month, we are going to marble scarves. I've never done marbling before and I'm really looking forward to it. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

September already??

Chris received her Coastline page so here it is. It's needle felted on a recycle sweater and then a bit of hand stitching on the rocks. If you click on the link to the Traveling Pages blog you can see more about it.

Here are the barrettes that I finished yesterday while driving to Missoula and back for the Griz game. We won 73 to 2. Plus we had thunder and lightening, weather delay and then it was roasting hot. Weather in Montana...

Another view - now we'll see how they sell.

I also worked on making cat toys. These are after they've been in the washing machine. Now to take them out of the stockings and they're ready to go.

I made four more birthday cards so I'll have them when I need them.

And I printed the ones that I talked about last time I posted. This is based on the Open Range license plate sold here in Montana. I like how these turned out and I'm sure I'll print more. But I also want to print them on fabric. So I'm sure you'll see these again.

I can't believe it is already September. I haven't talked much about my goals that I set for this year. I have not been able to follow through as I would have liked. My back is still causing problems and I won't be able to take the level II Machine Embroidery course that I wanted to do. However, they are going to start offering online courses so perhaps I can take it that way. I just can't afford to take the time off and the travel expenses are soooo expensive. So I will re-evaluate at the end of the year and see what direction I want to take. I have been concentrating a bit more about making things that will sell. I may work on getting representation in more galleries and perhaps consider selling online with Etsy or something similar. Lots to consider but more on that later. Hope all of you in the US have a good Labor Day and everyone else have a great week!