Friday, October 22, 2010

Design Focus Friday

Just a short post about critique today. I haven't been very comfortable with the critique process so I have been looking for pointers. Here's what I found:

Jane Dunnewold of Art Cloth Studios has a wonderful tutorial about critique and a critique check list.

Quilt Critique is a website where you can get a free evaluation of your quilt. So if you're looking for some feedback, check it out.

Here's an interesting article of a critique of work by Nancy Crow.

Do you usually critique your own work or are you so happy when it's finished, that you just go on to the next project? Could you learn something about your work and ways to improve it if you took a few minutes to critique your pieces? Let me know what you think about critique.


Donna said...

At a national show this year, my friend and I walked through a few aisles looking at each quilt and trying to figure out why it did or didn't win a ribbon. It took some time, but we always came up with something.

That exercise taught me more than any class I ever took.

Anonymous said...

Every time I go to quilt shows or art exhibitions I always try to work out what I like about each piece, and why I like it. I didn't know I was doing a critique until a few years ago!

In my own work I tend to critique as I go ..... there isn't much point in going on to the next step if the one I have just done doesn't work!

Once a project is finished I find that the best time to evaluate what I have done is a few days after completion, rather than immediately.

Judy B