Friday, December 24, 2010

Design Focus Friday - Shape - The Circle

Shapes are all around you and you can find thousands of ideas from almost anything. The circle is a simple shape found in nature. These are some of my favorite tree stump photos that I've taken over the last several years. I love the shape but also the line that draws your eye inside the shape.

And then there are circles everywhere you look. So get out your camera and pick a shape. What will you look for today? Circles? Squares? Triangles? Or maybe something a little tougher like a star.

Once you've found some photos for inspiration, what next? Perhaps you want to do a little research on the symbolic meaning of the shape you picked. The circle is an ancient symbol used throughout humanity. Because the circle is seen in the sun, the moon and even the earth, the circle represents wholeness, unity and infinity. It has represented a spiritualized Mother Earth and feminine power. Perhaps you can now take some of these ideas and begin thinking of ways to add circles to your work (or whatever shape you picked). Or perhaps you'll want to research a few symbols first that relate to a topic that draws you. Then you can use that shape of the symbol and look for that shape in your world.

Let me know some of the shapes that you are drawn to. What inspires you about certain shapes? Do they show up in your work often? Can you find different shapes that inspire you now that you are looking for them?


Johoanna Boykin said...

Those are nice tree stumps. I also love circles. But the shapes I am drawn to at the moment include houses, hearts and flowers. Maybe that shows where I'm at in my life right now.

Merry Christmas Ruth.

Donna said...

Love the tree stump pics. I never would have thought of using stumps for inspiration.

I tend to use lots of squares and rectangles in my designs. No idea why, but a do like a bold geometric pattern.


Merry Christmas Ruth

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