Friday, December 10, 2010

Design Focus Friday - Shape

 When our local group got together last week.  We played around with shapes. Each of us cut out various shapes and then considering positive and negative shapes, we made a design. We all chose to use black as the background but could have done either. This is one of the designs I was playing around with. I feel it needs some line, what do you think?

 Here is another one that I did. I added some line to this one. I really like this better in the vertical orientation with the small squares at the bottom.
 Here is Louise's design. I liked her wonky stars - she said that she got the ideas of the lines from my design. They certainly added a good focal point to her design as it was lacking a focus with just the stars.
 This one is Bunny's. We decided it looked too much like a snowman on skis.
This is also Bunny's. And we also liked this one in a vertical orientation.

This is a simple exercise to try out. We used only black and white paper so that color didn't get in the way of designing with shape. You could also try this with fabric. What have you been doing with shape this week? Leave a comment and let me know.

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