Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Watercolor and Rice Paper Collage

 Here's another rice paper collage with watercolor similar to last Friday's post. But this time I pasted down the rice paper first with no paint underneath. I then just added watercolor on top with my Neocolor II crayons and then added water. I really love the textures that develop with the base of rice paper. This one is much more subtle as I used less rice paper. This is based on a photo I took, can't remember when I took it but it was probably at Glacier National Park. Another one of my favorite surfaces - bark (again, I know!).
Here's a close up. I could keep adding more to this painting as there are so many little details when you look closely at bark. But I decided I like it the way it is so I stopped. I love the organic lines and the diagonals of the various bark pieces on the tree. I am doing a series of these surfaces in paint first as inspirations for embroideries after my hand embroidery class. What are your inspirations? Do leave a comment and let me know.


Johoanna Boykin said...

Wow, these are coming along nicely.

What inspires me? I would have to say the artwork of Traci Bautista and also Japanese Patchwork designs. I'm trying to find a way to combine the two.
Blessings, Johoanna

Donna said...

The page looks great, like I'm right next to the tree.

What inspires me? Almost anything when I take the time to really look at it.