Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hand Dyed Wool Embroidery Floss and Dyed Felt

 I've been working on getting all my embroidery supplies ready for my Level 1 Hand Embroidery class in February. This is lace weight wool that I made into skeins and dyed. I was trying for some earth tones, greens and a variety of rusty reds. Except for the reds, I got what I intended. I did make one bright orange for some lichen that I'm planning on embroidering. I have also ordered some supplies that I will show you after they arrive.
I also dyed the piece that I made in the sander tutorial. It is going to be used for the book covers for my Traveling Pages. I'm going to work this week on the mechanics of how I'm putting the book together. So more on that later in the week. I have finished my last page to be sent off to Gayle. I'll show you that as soon as she receives it.

Thanks for all your comments on the sander tutorial. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Jensters said...

Both look so wonderful and stunning colours.

WoolenSails said...

I love how your felted piece looks, wish I did something like that for my new piece, would have been a better idea than using fabric.

I have some wool floss like that, too bright, so need to dull it down and maybe get some variation too, then I can use it in projects.


Linda said...

Great colours Ruth. I love every one of them. What dye do you use for wool?? I only have procion dyes here, and not sure if they are suitable.

Johoanna Boykin said...

The threads look divine! Can't wait to see what you make from them.