Sunday, April 10, 2011

Playing with Gelatin Printing

 When my local surface design group met last month, we played with gelatin printing. It was messy but fun. Louise made up the gelatin plates ahead of time and we used printing inks to print.
 Here's one of the plates after I tore it up a bit. I like the organic lines that you get after the plate starts to deteriorate.
 Here's Bunny adding some ink to the plate.
 Here are a few of our prints. I'm not sure what I'll do with these but I can always make postcards out of them if nothing else comes to mind.
 The other project we tried was screen printing a color grid. You just set up your screen with a 2" rectangle to be screened and then you screen the various colors on top of one another to see how they mix. We goofed up at the beginning putting the yellow in the wrong places but figured it out eventually.
 Here's Carole putting paper over the wet parts and getting ready to screen a horizontal line across.
Here's the outcome. The paper covers seem to soak up some of the colors but it was a fun experiment.


Katie said...

This looks really fun. I've never heard of this. There are too many fun things to try out there!

Jensters said...

That first table looks so interesting...ive never heard of it either but the results look good.