Friday, May 27, 2011

Design Focus Friday - Emphasis on Focal Point by Placement

 I found a few examples of my own work for this weeks examples. To emphasize your focal point by placement, you need to have elements that point the way to the focal area. In the piece above, the rocks are all pointing in towards the rush of water. I didn't really do that on purpose though, it just came out that way. This piece was done as an experiment and has multiple layers of paint and paper and the focal point developed with the layers.
 In this felted piece entitled "Half way?", the trail and several wedges of darker color point towards the focal area.
The last example is showing a focal point that is a bit too close to the center for me. I should have put the moon off to the left or right a bit more. All the branches are pointing towards the moon and keep your eyes traveling back to the focal area.

I hope everyone in the US has a wonderful Memorial Day and thanks for stopping by!

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Linda said...

Sorry I've not been commenting lately [family issues], but I am still enjoying your focal point posts. I especially love you rock/water scene, it's just so beautiful Ruth. You are doing a wonderful job, sharing your knowledge with others.