Friday, May 13, 2011

Design Focus Friday - Focal Point Through Contrast

 I think the easiest way to emphasize the focal point or area is by using contrast. In the picture above (source unknown), The cardinal is contrasted not only by color but by shape. Even if the cardinal had been in black and white, it's shape would still be the focal point because it is different from the leafy background.

 In this painting by Karen Tarlton called aptly Red Umbrella, the use of color contrast is aptly used to emphasize the focal point. I love the wet, rainy feel of this painting.
This quilted piece by Quilter Beth uses a contrasting shape and value changes for the focal area. Beth is working through Lyric Kinard's design book and she has several other examples of using different methods to develop a focal point.

Have you been thinking about how to emphasize the focal point in your work? Do let me know and leave a link so we can see the examples. Have a great weekend!

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