Sunday, October 16, 2011

Itching To Open Those Bundles

 This is what the bundles looked like last week right after they were steamed. They've been sitting outside on the bench all week. It has gotten below freezing several times so they are getting both the hot and cold techniques. It's kind of like Christmas as a kid and all those tantalizing packages were under the tree. You want to sneak down late at night when everyone else is asleep and open all your packages to see what's inside. Did you ever do that? It's been so tempting to peak and unroll these bundles.
Here they are after one week. I'm not sure they've changed much. The one on the right certainly looks more promising. Another week to go. I'm not sure I can stand it.


Karen said...

Just hold on Ruth, not long now and you can unroll them, i'm excited to see what they look like !! NO sneak peaks lol

narkeymarkey said...

ooh! i can't wait to see! i'm afraid i would have peaked by now :)