Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Squirrel Update

I posted earlier about the squirrel attacking my felt bird house. I took the bird house down and finally got around to repairing it. This is what was left of the hanging strap. It was double thickness felt made around a resist and you can see how the squirrel had almost chewed through completely.

I cut off the strap and then sewed a very small loop back to the bird house. Then I hung it back up on a metal hook. It's been up for several days now and it doesn't appear to have been attacked again. Hopefully, it will make it through the winter. I have my doubts that any birds will nest in these but I thought I would give them a try and see what happens. I'll let you know if any birds take up residence.
 We have a forecast for another La Nina winter which means a long, cold, snowy winter is upon us. We have had a few days with a skiff of snow but nothing heavy yet.
It is supposed to snow this weekend with valley accumulations. So we've got the snow shovels ready. I think I need to go visit Karen in Australia :0)

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Karen said...

I'll meet you at the Airport Ruth and get you away from all that snow brrrrr lol