Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Level II Hand and Machine Stitch Class and a Surprise

 I started the Level II Hand and Machine Stitch class at Gail Harker's last week. The first two and a half days was spent in the dyeing studio. Gail has just moved recently from Oak Harbor to LaConner, Washington. Her new studio is wonderful and we had a great time. I won't discuss the10 hour drive from Montana to Washington with two Yorkies who both had Giardia. The less said about that the better!
 Here are some other class members hanging up their dyed fabric and threads to dry. It looked like colorful prayer flags all around the room.
 Here are some of the threads I dyed after they were dried. They were waiting to be wound up with a thread winder. Normally, we wind the thread on half of a toilet paper tube but they didn't have many so I only got two in class.
 Here we are at the table discussing something. We worked on hand stitch this session and I have lots of homework to do. We'll be working on Kantha stitch on our next session in February.
 Here are some photos of my dyed fabrics. We will be using these over the entire course of the class. This is silk organza. We used Procion MX dyes. I usually use acid dyes at home but I'll be ordering some Procion MX as it is part of the homework to have another dye session.
 This is cheesecloth - #50 and #90 weights. A lot heavier cheesecloth than the kind you buy in the grocery store around here which is #10.
 This is linen.
 And muslin.
 And then white burlap.
 Here are all the threads I dyed on their cardboard tubes. I finished winding them at home. We used all cotton threads in a variety of weights.
 Don't they look yummy?
 I need to dye some deep purples and perhaps some more greens. So more thread to come!
 When I got home I found a package from the UK. Zed had sent me samples of nylon and plastic fiber to experiment and add to felt. Thanks Zed - it was a wonderful surprise to find this package waiting for me when I got home.
And look at these wonderful buttons she makes out of polymer clay. I can't wait to add them to something.


Karen said...

wow Ruth it looks like you had so much fun, the colors you dyed your threads are gorgeous, cant wait to hear more about your time there. Isnt it nice to get surprise packages, i just recieved one myself from zed to. she's awesome :)

Donna said...

Looks like it was worth the ten hour drive to me. That's more dyeing than I did all year!

Zed said...

They all look gorgeous, Ruth, it looks like you really enjoyed yourself :)
I'm glad you liked the surprise :)