Saturday, March 31, 2012

Inspiration Deck

 In February, I found a blog by Jess Brogan called In Search of Dessert. She was hosting a inspiration deck swap which you can read about here. So I decided to join up and participate. I applied gesso to a deck of playing cards on both sides and then painted them.
 This is what they looked like after I painted and stenciled them.
 Then I printed out a bunch of inspirational sayings on white paper, cut them out and glued them down with a combination of gel medium and walnut ink. That way I glued down the paper at the same time as giving them a coat of walnut ink.
 On the back of the card I put my name and blog addresses. I hope no one was offended by this one but it makes me laugh.
 On Friday, I received these in the mail. A deck of 52 cards from different people with inspirational sayings. Now when I'm in need of inspiration, I can take out the deck and find some. I can also check out 52 different websites or blogs of people who made these.
 I am going to show a few of the cards that I received. Aren't they wonderful?

I always think it's great to see what other people come up with when they follow the same instructions. This was a fun swap and thanks to everyone who participated for making my cards. And thanks to Jess for coordinating and making up all these packs of cards. It was fun.

I've been felting for the last two days so more photos to come soon.


Dale Anne Potter said...

Oh Ruth, I was in that swap as well and waiting to receive mine back. I am so EXCITED to see what others have done and YES, Jess is AWESOME for hosting this swap.

Anonymous said...

This looks fantastic and it's a swop I wish I'd known about - lucky you for receiving such lovely works of art - oh, by the way.... yours are brilliant! Gilli @ Textile Cottage Studio ;-)

Donna said...

Great swap! All very different, all very cool.

Marie Costa said...

That looks like a really fun swap! Great pictures :)

Anonymous said...

That's a really interesting idea :)
The cards all look great. I love your Big Girl Panties one :)

Sandy said...

Great idea. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Karen said...

Oh wow Ruth they really do look gorgeous, what a great idea for a deck of card and that swap would have been so much fun :)

narkeymarkey said...

what a wonderful idea :) each one is fantastic. must see if i can find our old deck of cards ...

hee hee hee - big girl pants, love it!