Saturday, March 24, 2012

Learning to Felt a Hat

 I had another felted hat class yesterday at Camas Creek Yarn. There were 5 students and we had a really good time. Each of the hats created was unique and they all turned out great. Here, Michelle and Karen are drawing out their resist shapes.
 Jason and Barbara are laying out wool for the bottom layer.
 Here is Zoe's first layer for her hat.
 Barbara has her resist completely covered and is wetting it down completely.
 Here's Jason's resist covered with wool and completely wet down.
 Michelle is beginning to rub the outside layer.
 And Zoe, always enthusiastic, is rubbing her hat as well.
 Next up was rolling and Jason is rolling while Barbara is sopping up excess water.
 Here is Zoe rolling, rolling, rolling... It looks like Karen is doing a good job of supervising.
The resist has been removed and the hats are on the Hat Shaper hat forms. Barbara is pounding away to get the right shape.
 Jason made a fedora style hat and is shaping on the hat form.
 Michelle made a cloche style hat.
 Here is Zoe and her swirly hat, she's working that pointy top to just the right position.
 Karen has her hat on the hat form and she got some wonderful folds on the top.
Here is everyone at the end of class. My hat that I made for demonstration is at the far right. What a wonderful group of people and look at those hats! Didn't they do a great job?


Donna said...

They did do a great job and looked like they had fun doing it.

Karen said...

OO they look like a fun group Ruth and the hats turned out awesome, Ive never heard of anyone pounding their hats with what looks like a meat hammer lol Does that help with the overall shape :)

Cathy Tomm said...

Thanks for showing more about another of your hat classes. They all look like they had a good time. Some very good looking hats there.

jackie said...

You look to have had such fun, and they look great.