Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cocoon Jacket Class

On Friday, I taught the first session of the Cocoon Nuno Jacket class at Camas Creek Yarn. I had four students but one had to leave early. We worked on making a sample and then the rest of the day was spent designing, measuring, figuring and deciding what yardage was needed for each jacket.

 There was lots of calculating, measuring, trying on and re-calculating.
 We used newspaper and muslin to make a pattern and to see how the jacket would fit.
 Here is Judy's sample (not really this green). She is going to make some changes on her final jacket as she didn't like the dark blue blobs.

 This is Vicki's sample. She is planning on doing much thinner edges and thinner strips of wool on her jacket.
This one is Diana's sample. She is planning on dyeing her jacket after it is felted. She used a yellow piece of silk but will be using white on her jacket.

The class meets again in two weeks and we'll be felting all day. I can't wait to see the finished jackets :)

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Donna said...

Wonderful samples. I look forward to seeing the finished jackets too.