Friday, June 29, 2012

Ann's Abstract Challenge

I finished a piece for Ann's abstract challenge. There's a longer post over at the Fiber and Felting Studio. I don't think I'm very good with abstraction. I do much better with representational pieces. This piece is stitched on a thin cotton fused to a heavier Kona cotton with black thread. I then colored the piece with permanent markers and colored pencils. I like how it came out but it's not very abstract. Do you do abstract work? Do you base your work on something and then "abstract" that idea? I'd love to hear how you work abstractly.


JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your challenge piece turned out very nicely. I don't do much abstract stitching but I'd like to. Perhaps some of the atc's I've made could be considered abstract. I start with a vague idea and once I start I just keep adding and working on it, not thinking about it very much and keeping away from this is wrong or right and thinking of it more as "playing".

Julia Ionov said...

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