Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back from Stitch Class

 We made it back from La Conner without difficulty and even though it was a bit cool and rainy, it was better weather than we're having in Montana. It's been raining and cold since we got home. I had a great time in class. We worked on machine embroidery. My old Brother machine started giving me a really hard time so when we got home, I went out and bought a new machine. It's a Pfaff 2170 and boy is it cool. I'm still figuring it out but I think I'm really going to enjoy this machine.
 Here's a piece that I did for last session's Kantha homework. It's of my hubby on his John Deere. Since I put a barn in the composition he said we needed to build a barn so the tractor would feel at home.
 Here's another piece that I made for last session's homework. It wasn't assigned but I wanted to try stitching on felt. I made the felt hat out of short fiber black merino and then stitched the designs with 3 perle cottons. There are shisha mirrors in the yellow circles.
We worked on machine embroidery in this session. I don't have any photos of what we did but I'll show a few later. One of the designs we worked on was from a voided shape. Mine was from a photo of a flower that was simplified and then cut out. I'm still working on this piece so more on that later.

I've got lots of homework to get done before September and we are off to New York City for a week soon. Then it will be summer time and I'm sure it will be busy, busy, busy. Thanks for stopping by.


Donna said...

Your class pieces look great. I have a Pfaff that I use for sewing and quilting. They're wonderful machines.

Shepherdess said...

great job on the tractor Ruth the wheels look like they are turning. Don't let him have a barn. you would not beleive how much stuff you can store in a barn.