Friday, September 14, 2012

Sun Printing

It's still sunny here in Montana so my local group decided to do some sun printing before summer is over.
 It's a really simple process. You can use just about any kind of fabric paint. It helps if you wet the fabric a bit first.

 You then paint your fabric and lay items on top. Leaves work really well but you can use anything flat.
 Then put your piece out into the sun. It's better on a calm day when the wind isn't blowing.
 Here's a partially painted fabric.
 Here's a bunch of pieces drying in the sun.
 Louise and Bunny are busy working.
 This is one of my pieces that I used pieces of bark.
 This is Carole's piece.

 Here is one of Louise's where she used sticks.
 This was done by Sandy who said she couldn't do this kind of stuff (she was visiting) but look how well she did.

 This is Jan's piece.
 Here's one of Louise's - I really like this one.
 This one I put Wensleydale locks on it.
 This one is covered with threads.

 Here are some drying in the sun.
 More sticks
 Scrunched fabric
 A fern
 and buttons. We had fun and now we have more fun fabric to use.


Donna said...

I like the buttons and the sticks. Never thought of using either one.

WoolenSails said...

Lots of wonderful ideas for sun printing, looks like fun to do.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the blue one by Louise - it's complete and should be displayed because it's just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow! They are excellent! Louise's is amazing and I love the wensleydale one too :)

Karen said...

Wow i think they all look fantastic Ruth, especially the wensleydale and the sticks, oh and the thread one and the buttons lol in fact i love them all :)