Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hand and Machine Stitch Samples

 It's still been busy around here and I'm still working on my stitch homework. These are some stitch samples that we started in class. This sample includes a machined cord, simple tassels and cheesecloth.
 This is another machined cord with tapered ends.
 Here's a different use of cheesecloth.
 More machined cords, the top one has wire inside.
 On to hand stitch samples. This is velvet stitch. The loops can be cut for a more "furry" look.
 This should have been up with the machine stitched samples. The point was to integrate  a fringed edge into the piece. I didn't get the full length of the fringed bits into the photo.
 This is "knot on a stalk", a variation of French knots.
 Here is a sample of detached chain stitch purposely leaving the stitches loose.
 This is ruching. For those of you who are felters, this is done with stitching as opposed to nuno felting.

These last two photos are of one of my print to stitch pieces.
It is supposed to be a heron but it's neck shrunk with the stitching. He looks more like a goose to me now. I only have a few more weeks to finish my homework. I only have two more pieces to finish but they are taking a while. Wish me luck.!


Donna said...

Good luck!

I like the bird, short neck and all.

Shepherdess said...

Your class is very cool and seems to cover so much. I like the short necked heron too.

Anonymous said...

I like the ruched sample - it looks good enough to frame!

The heron still looks good, so don't worry.
It's amazing how stitching can alter pictures!