Thursday, May 24, 2012

On the Road Again

I'm off to LaConnor, Washington tomorrow for session 3 of the Level 2 Stitch Course at Gail Harker Creative Studies Center. I thought you might like to see how much stuff I pack for class supplies. This of course doesn't include any clothing, toiletries or stuff for the dogs so the car is packed to the brim.

 I have everything on this 6 foot table. The clear tub on the bottom is all dyed fabric and the green and pink containers are thread. The briefcase bag on top carries all my art supplies and the white and red bag is folders and homework. I'm not supposed to blog about all my homework so there are some things I haven't shown here. But you'll get to see them all in time.
 I have always wanted a set of threads with a range of colors for machine embroidery. These are Sulky threads (#30 cotton) that I ordered since I didn't have any #30 cotton thread. Yummy! I'm sure I won't have the color I need though as I always need a slightly different shade then what I have. (note to self - buy more thread)
Here's the pile of stuff from the other end. Another bag with lots of other supplies such as interfacings, Peltex, soluble fabric etc. We will be working on machine embroidery this time so I am taking my sewing machine as well. It's not an expensive machine but does everything I need it to do. The fishing tackle box holds all the small supplies and equipment. I am excited about the upcoming class and I can't wait to see all my classmates homework and how they interpreted our assignments. Have a great week and I'll give an update about the class on my return.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Felting Slippers

 My sister Margaret is visiting me for a week and we decided to felt some slippers yesterday. She hasn't felted before so this was her first effort. The photo above is the layout for slippers for my husband. I used some fiber that a friend gave to me. It is the broken tips from a merino fleece. They can't be carded because they are too short. It was a pain to lay out but actually worked out better than expected. I made the slippers really thick because hubby wore through the last pair very quickly.
 Here is Margaret's beginning layout. We decided that they looked like "Wild Thing" feet.
 Margaret also really liked this Blue Faced Leicester wool so I made her an I-pad cover.
 We tried a new experiment with Margaret's slippers and put a foot shaped piece of wool blanket in the middle of the bottom layers to provide more thickness and support to the bottom of the slippers.
 I put black short fiber merino as a second layer of my husband's slippers as I was afraid there would be holes in the gray wool.
 Here's the I-pad cover after partial layout and wet down.
 Margaret's slippers after partial layout and wet down.
 She added pre-yarn, silk cap and silk noil for embellishment. The wool used here is Falkland that I dyed with leftover dye from my cocoon jacket dyeing session.
 Here are the wet down and rubbed slippers for hubby. It took lots of rubbing to get the wool to start holding together.
 Here are Margaret's slippers after a bit of rubbing.

 And the I-pad cover.
 We got really busy after that with rolling and fulling and forgot to take any photos. But here is a photo of me fulling hubby's slippers on the washboard. Boy am I fast :)
 And here are Margaret's finished slippers. Didn't she do a great job? She was really pleased with them.
Here are my husband's slippers and the I-pad cover. He still hasn't tried them on so there might be some shaping left to do. All in all, it was a great day. Hope you have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Feathered Visitor

 Look who was up in our tree this morning. This is a tree right by our house with all the bird houses, feeders etc on it. It's a grouse.
 Usually you see grouse on the ground and I've never seen one up this high before. He/she sat willingly to get photos taken and stayed in the tree for about three hours.
The colors of his/her feathers were absolutely beautiful and I was glad I could get some close ups to show all of you.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cocoon Jacket Class

 I taught the second session for the cocoon jackets today. Unfortunately, we had two students that were unable to attend. But Vicki and Diana made two beautiful jackets. Here's Diana starting on her layout.

 Here are Vicki and Paula perfecting their rolling technique. We did LOTS of rolling.
 Diana is getting her piece warmed up in hot water in preparation for fulling.
 And here she is doing some gently throwing. After lots of work, both of these lovely ladies ended up with absolutely gorgeous jackets. We pinned the shoulder seams together so we could get the fit right.
 And here's Vicki in her jacket. She added fringe to the ends so the fringe ended up along the shoulder seams and was a great addition.

 Here's Diana in her jacket. She is wearing it with the silk side out. These are reversible jackets so they can be worn with the wool side or silk side on the outside.
It was a really fun class and we all learned something. Especially about fitting the jackets. Thanks Diana and Vicki for being great students, I had a blast!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Making Paper

 Our local fiber art group met today and we made hand made paper. I've never made paper before because the preparation always seems too overwhelming. But Carole really made it simple. She had all the screens ready and showed us a simple way to make small sheets of paper.

 I have tons of dyed paper towels that I have been saving so I tore some green, yellow and blue ones up and soaked them in warm water. Then whirred them up in a blender and poured the pulp in a tub with extra water. I got so involved that I forgot to take any more photos. But you take the screen and scoop up paper pulp and then squeeze out the excess water.

Here are some of our finished sheets of paper. The bright colored pieces are felt that we used for soaking up excess water. My pieces are the two bright green pieces towards the bottom. It was lots of fun and now I have to see what the paper looks like when dry. Next time we are going to learn some bookbinding techniques so I think I'll save my paper for that.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Craft in America - Threads

If you're in the USA, I thought you might be interested in this program that's coming up on PBS. Here's information from Carol Sauvion about the program.

Dear CRAFT Professional :
We are pleased to announce a new episode of the Peabody Award-winning PBS series, “Craft in America: Threads”will be aired on PBS stations nationwide on Friday, May 11, 2012 at 9pm*.

Please check your local station for exact airdate/time and tune in!
And PLEASE let all you friends, family, craft community, social network followers… and all craft lovers nationwide know by forwarding the attached postcard – your help is so important to us!

Craft in America: Threads explores work by Faith Ringgold, Randall Darwall, Consuelo Jimenez Underwood, and Terese Agnew – nationally acclaimed fiber artists who through story-quilts, fiber collages and woven textiles go beyond pure technique. Throughout history, man has sought ways to craft a domestic environment that is warm, comforting, and redolent of meaning and memories. Through interviews with nationally acclaimed artists working at the forefront of their media, artists devoting their lives and pushing boundaries of technique in the pursuit of their art, Threads looks at ways in which the needle arts have evolved from the functional to the meaningful.

The Craft in America series is the result of years of advocacy, research and filmmaking. The story of American Craft is integral to the history of America - its immigrant experience, natural resources, and vital creativity – a story of creating beauty from humble materials.
*check local listings

Please take a look at the "sneak peek" preview:

We very much appreciate any help you can give us in our efforts to tell craft lovers across America about this upcoming episode!
The story of American Craft crosses all cultural, geographic and political lines.

Enjoy the show and THANK YOU for your invaluable support!

Carol Sauvion & Craft in America
1120 S. Roberston Bl.; Suite 301
Los Angeles, CA  90035
Tel: 310.659.9022