Sunday, January 13, 2013

Daily Dose of Fiber - Day 13

I finally finished the final edge on the bead book. Such a relief. That fringe takes a long time.

Here's the finished page. It's a bit over the top.

Here's a closer view of the fringe.

 This is all the pages stacked together. Now I have to bind them. This is a bit daunting as I think if will be difficult to hold together. In the past with this type of binding I've used large safety pins to hold the pages in place. My safety pins are not this big!

 You can see how the edges get progressively longer.
 It took about 120 yards of thread to sew all these beads on. The book is going to be really heavy.
 But at least it is finished.
And I'm happy with it even though it isn't something I would have done on my own, I enjoyed the process. Next step is backing each page and beginning the binding.


Anonymous said...

That is nothing short of impressive! It's very beautiful.

Vicki W said...

It is really beautiful.

Donna said...

Impressive! You should be proud.