Sunday, January 20, 2013

DDF - Day 20

I'm still here stitching away. I finished another applique sample, got my applique book bound and started the binding on the bead book.

Here is the applique book bound with a stab and wrap binding. I really don't like this method of binding. It was supposed to be easier than the other method that you'll see at the bottom of this post. It might not have as much stitching but it just doesn't look as nice, the book doesn't open as well and it was difficult to get the tension right.
 Here you can see that the pages don't open up all the way.
 The chain band stitch binding on the bead book allows the pages to lie flat. You can see that this binding is tighter. Perhaps because I didn't get the tension right.

 But the book is together and finished. Another item off my list.
 This is the next applique sample. Turned edge applique done with a piece of fusible interfacing.
 Here is is completed. I was able to get this one to lie much flatter than the last technique I used with needleturn applique.
 Here you can see that the applique is much more flat against the background fabric.
 The only problem was I cut too close to the edge and get little frayed bits sticking out. Oh well. It's finished!
Here I've started on the bead book binding. Three rows in the center are finished. I'm adding beads between each stitch. Since the pages are so "thick" with beads, I thought having a bead spacer would help in the binding to give more space. Plus it adds to the whole "over beaded" aspect of this book.


Anonymous said...

The applique leaf looks good! I love the colours you've chosen - they're almost edible. The book is a delight and I'm sorry you're not totally happy with the binding but don't let it take away from the fact that it's beautiful.

Donna said...

They both look good from here.