Friday, January 25, 2013

DDF - Day 25

I actually did some felt making today. It was just a couple of flat pieces of felt to make an applique but it was great to get my hands in the wool again. Then I worked on finishing up some projects and started on my beaded tassel.

 Here is one  of the piece's of felt. I did quite a bit of dry rolling before I ever started to wet the felt down. It really speeded up the processs. Do you dry roll your felt?

Here's the back of my shadow applique. I fused the edges of the silk organza to the back and then stitched them down.

This corner got cut a bit too close.

 Here's the finished sample. This photo is closer to the true colors.
 Here's a more straight on view. I used a dark brown thread for the edge so it wouldn't show.
Here is my tassel made from #3 perle cotton. Now to add beads.

 The other project I worked on  was my husband's slippers. I made them a long time ago but had promised to put plastic on the bottoms.
So I finally found spray on Plasti Dip. It worked much better than trying to brush it on as I've done in the past. I used 4 coats. Now to let them dry.

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