Tuesday, January 29, 2013

DDF - Day 29

I finished stitching my applique piece except for the cording I will couch around the applique. I don't have any cording yet. I also finished beading my tassel for my bead book.

 Here's the applique all stitched down. What color cording do you think I should use? Usually another color is used in the traditional Kyrzyg appliques. I was thinking maybe green?
Here's the beaded tassel. The photo didn't turn out too clearly. But you get the idea. I used a tubular brick stitch around the neck and then a horizontal netting below that followed by a standard fringe. Then I randomly stitched a few beads on the head of the tassel. This was very fiddly, took me 3 hours to finish and it's only 4 inches long. If you don't have much patience, I wouldn't recommend making beaded tassels.

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