Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Layer of Paint and a Second Card

I had to get up early this morning for an appointment so I had a spare 45 minutes before I needed to go to work. I spent that time painting another layer on my leaf painting experiment. I also finished a second fabric collage for a card.

 Here's one page. I sketched in a couple of leaf shapes and then painted them with gesso.

Here's a closer view.

Here's the second page. I really like how adding different layers gives the work depth.

Another close up. Now I am going to add more color on this layer.

 Here's the next fabric collage card. I used herringbone stitch to applique the blue pieces to the background.
 And a closer view. The felt has been couched down in a few places. You can see it still is elevated from the surface quite a bit.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Oh Ruth i absolutely love your leave painting, i didnt think of actually painting with gesso i was just using it for backgrounds. Its coming along beautifully
Your cards are gorgeous to, love the stitching xoxo