Saturday, February 2, 2013

Designing Lino Blocks

Our local fiber group is meeting next Friday and we'll be carving Lino blocks. I haven't ever done one before and it's nice to try something new. Today I worked on a couple of designs for a 4"x 4" block and a 2" x 4" block. I continued with the themes I have been using from Kyrgyz rugs. I am planning on making quite a bit of decoration for the yurt using these designs.

 Here is the 4" x 4" block. I cut out the design from paper and then covered one side with charcoal pencil and pressed that on the block to transfer the design.
 Here's the journal I'm working in. I'm trying out different designs for the borders.

I am leaning toward the top right or the bottom right design. I think the one on the bottom is a bit too complex though. Especially since I haven't carved one of these before.

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