Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stitching Cards

I'm still working on my hand stitched greeting cards. They are all pretty simple and I'm not adding much stitching so I got three done today.

 This one is stitched with running stitch and stem stitch.
 I used back stitch to applique the rectangle of fabric down and then just simple cross stitch to couch the felt down.
This one I spent a bit more time one. I used chain stitch on the blue fabric following the outlines that were already on the fabric from sun printing. Then I used blanket stitch on one edge of the felt. I've decided that I am going to fuse these down to the card stock so there won't be any additional stitching.

Do you make your own greeting cards? How do you make them? I'd love to hear your methods.


Carmina said...

I love to make cards, too. Please visit my blog
to see what I do. I am romanian and you have to use the translate buton to understand my blog, because I write in romanian, but I'm sure you can understand the art language.

Ruth Lane said...

Carmen - I went to your blog and your cards are wonderful. I tried to leave a comment but I couldn't get the comments to work. Thanks for stopping by my blog.